Connecting Amazon IoT Button to your wi-fi and 3rings

Connecting your Amazon IoT Button to your wi-fi is a little cumbersome but only needs to be done once normally.


First install the AWS IoT Button Wi-Fi app from either Google Play or Apple App Store

Second make sure the smart phone or tablet you are using is connected to the wi-fi you want the button to connect to and you will need the SSID name and the Wi-fi password to complete the installation.

Once installed click on the app and following the instructions: Here is the steps for the IOS app the Google one is very similar.
Click the Setup AWS IoT Button
Choose Manually Enter DSN (most button don't have bar code any more)

The DSN number is on the back of the button and looks like G030 JF05 0391 JU32

Once the DSN number is entered click the Configure button
 Press the button for 6 seconds until the Blue light flashes, it is now ready to be configured.
Remember the SSID name and copy the password this is the Wi-fi setting for your button.

Now go to Settings on your smart device and choose the wi-fi name for you button - eg Button Configure -AE8 or something similar. Enter the password when asked.

When you device connect to the Button Wi-fi go back to the Amazon IoT Button App

On the Wi-fi network pull down the menu and select the wi-fi network you want to connect the button to.
Then enter the password for that wi-fi
Click Confirm Wi-fi and you should now be complete.
Click Done.
To test the wi-fi button just press the button (dont need to hold it) it should flash white a few time then flash green all is now OK and ready to use.
The button last for up to 2000 presses.

Adding your Amazon button to your 3rings account

Now add the button to your 3rings account at by logging into your account and

click devices

Click add another device ( or add your first device)

Choose the AWS IoT Button 

Enter your DSN number and give the Button a name and click next.


The button is now live and added to your 3rings Account. 

You can see when it is press in the Activity reports in PAL - Pattern of Active Life. Set up events to tell you that it has been pressed between certain times

Pressing the button

When you press the button it should flash a few times in white and then flash green the signal will have been sent.

If it flashes red that means it has lost the wi-fi signal

Do not press and hold the button as this will reconfigure it


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