Amazon Echo - Setting Up and using Alexa with 3rings Platform

3rings has created a Alexa Skill which works in one of two modes:


Family Mode - "Alexa ask 3rings if everything is OK?"

In this mode Alexa checks your household and tells you if there are any alerts outstanding that need addressing.

Loved One Mode - "Alexa tell 3rings I need help!"

In this mode 3rings creates an immediate alert that is sent to all the family & friends for this household.


To use the 3rings Alexa skill:-

1) First go to your Alexa app on your smart device and login.

2) Open the menu and choose Skills, search for 3rings

3) Select the skill and follow the on-screen instructions to authenticate to your 3rings account. You will need to know your 3rings username and password.

Now ask just ask Alexa.

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