The meaning of lights on the 3rings Plug

Your 3rings Plug uses a small colour-changing light (or LED) on the front to let you know what it’s doing, and alert you of any problems. If your 3rings Plug is showing a light, you can find the meaning below.

Light Behaviour


Off (and your 3rings Plug is turned off using the socket switch, or not plugged in)

Your 3rings Plug has no power and is off. You may receive alerts if you have active Events set up on your 3rings Account.
Off (and your 3rings Plug is plugged in and turned on using the socket switch) Your 3rings Plug is working normally*
Solid Green Your 3rings Plug is working normally (the light will turn off after a minute*)
· · · Flashing Green Your 3rings Plug can talk to 3rings but has not been activated. Turn off your 3rings Plug using the socket switch or unplug it, then activate it by selecting the ‘Activate’ button on the 3rings homepage before turning it on again..
Solid Red Your 3rings Plug has no mobile signal. Try a different location, and if this persists, contact 3rings Support.
· · · Flashing Red Your 3rings Plug cannot talk to 3rings. This can usually be resolved by restarting your 3rings Plug. Simply turn off your 3rings Plug using the socket switch (or unplug it), wait 20 seconds, then turn it back on. If this persists, contact 3rings Support
· · · Flashing Amber Your 3rings Plug has just been turned on, and is connecting to the mobile signal and trying to talk to 3rings. This should take no more than a few minutes. If your 3rings Plug continues to show a flashing amber light for longer than five minutes, contact 3rings Support.

*When everything’s working normally, your 3rings Plug turns off its light to save power and avoid distracting or annoying your loved one. The lights will turn back on if your 3rings Plug detects that there’s something stopping it from working properly.

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