3rings app messages don't always arrive on Samsung smartphones.


Some customers with Samsung smartphones have told us that their app messages —for example the 'all's well' messages we send to let you know your 3rings Plug has been used as expected — aren't always received.


A number of Samsung models feature 'Smart Manager', which includes a capability called 'App Optimisation'. App Optimisation tries to automatically conserve your battery life by closing apps you haven't opened in the last few days. Unfortunately, this feature interferes with the 3rings app and prevents it from showing your messages to you.


We're working to try and resolve this problem without you having to take any action. Until then however, to ensure you receive your messages, complete the following steps. We've included example images taken from a Samsung Galaxy S4, so your device may look a little different.

  1. Open the 'Smart Manager' app. If you do not have this app, then this article does not apply to your smartphone.

  2. Tap the 'Battery' tile.

  3. On the screen that appears, tap the 'DETAIL' button in the 'App Optimisation' section (see red arrow below).

  4. The screen that appears will show a list of apps that Samsung Smart Manager is, or will be in the future, 'optimising'. Tap on '3rings'.

  5. A box of options will appear. Choose 'Disabled For' from the list. Once chosen, the '3rings' app will show 'Disabled For' beneath it (see the green tick below).

  6. Open the 3rings app.
  7. All done! You should start receiving your messages again as normal.
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