How do I change the email address, phone number, or app 3rings uses to contact me?

If you’ve changed your phone number or email address, or got a new smartphone (or erased your existing one), you’ll need to let 3rings know your new contact details to make sure you still receive our messages.

Please note that this will only change your own contact details. If you’d like your family and friends to be able to receive 3rings messages and alerts, you can invite them to join the household. If someone who’s already accepted an invitation to be part of the Family & Friends for your household needs to update their contact details, ask them to follow these instructions themselves.

To change your phone number or email address

1. Log in to the 3rings portal at You can use the web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone to do this.

2. Once logged in, you’ll be at the 3rings household list for your account. Click or tap the account tab to access your account details.

3. Next, click or tap the notifications tab inside your account details to open your notification preferences.

4. On the notifications page, under the methods of contact heading, click or tap the edit button next to the contact detail you’d like to change.

  • Phone is the phone number 3rings will use for alert automated voice calls, if you have this turned on under event alerts. It can be a mobile or landline number anywhere in the world.
  • SMS is the phone number 3rings will use for alert text messages, if you have this turned on under event alerts. It can be a mobile number anywhere in the world, and can be different from your Phone number (see above).
  • Email is the email address 3rings will send important account-related messages to, as well as event alerts and information, if this is turned on under event alerts and/or event info. This should be an email address you check regularly, especially if you use it as your main means of receiving event alerts.

5. After clicking or tapping edit for the method of contact you’d like to change, type the new phone number or email address in the text box, then click save. (If you’d like to remove the contact detail altogether, click remove device instead).

  • For phone numbers outside the UK, please include the international dialling code for your country. For example, an Irish phone number would be entered as +353 (20) 913 1234.
  • In phone numbers, punctuation and spaces (other than the leading + for international numbers) are optional and can be omitted.

6. Repeat step 5 for as many different contact details as you’d like to change, and you’re done! You’ll get an email notifying you that your contact details have changed.

To add or remove the 3rings app on your smartphone

If you'd like to receive messages using the 3rings app on a smartphone, choose add an app and follow the instructions. Apps will automatically be added and removed from your notification preferences when you sign in or out of the app.


For more information about when 3rings will contact you, see this article.

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