Creating a second household and remotely activating a new plug

Setting Up a second household & 3rings Plug Remotely:


1) You need the Plug activation code : This should be included in the email when delivery was confirmed. If not , it is on the bottom of the box or the back of the plug, just asked your loved one for it or call 3rings.


2) Via a web browser login to you 3rings account


3) When you login you should see your existing household with another icon saying ‘Add Another' - click ‘Add Another’


4) Give the household a name eg Dads House Middesbrough, click next.


5) Enter your Activation Code and give the plug a name eg Dads Kettle and click next

6) Now create an event , this is the time that 3rings checks that we can see activity - Give this an event name and choose a time window eg Dads morning tea 7am to 11am

In this example you will get All OK messages or alerts at 11am. 

Click next and all is done:

7) Now Click : Go to Household.

Suspending the Event

Now you have set up the plug remotely you may get false alerts until the plug arrives so we recommend that you suspend the event.

 From the household screen 

a) Click Suspend Events

b) Suspend All Immediately

Once you know the plug is installed the login to you account go to the new household and unsuspend the events

When the plug arrives.

After doing the above instructions:

Ask your loved one to plug it into the socket that it is going to be used in. 

The plug will start flashing Orange as it tries to connect to the mobile network, after about a minute it will go steady green to signify all is OK and then after a minute the light goes off as long as everything is OK.

Should the light go Red, unplug the plug wait 20s and do it again. If the plug doesn’t go green call 3rings.


Now plug in the appliance into the 3rings plug - everything is ready.



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