Instructions on swapping a replacement 3rings Plugs

In the event that you need to replace an existing 3rings plug for whatever reason, here are summary instructions on how to activate the new replacement plug so that it will continue to use the same events and household details that have already be set up.


Instructions to replace plug:
1) Login to 3rings account on a web browser (not the app)
2) Go to the 'Household' where the plug is installed
3) Click 'Household details' Tab
4) Next to 'Plugs' click 'Add another'
5) Enter the activation code from  back of new plug
6)  Give the plug a name so it is recognisable ie Mum's Kettle and 'Save'
7) Plug should now be ready to use , plug into socket leave for 60s or so and its light should go to steady green.
The new plug is ready and will work with all events currently set up for the initial plug.
8) The original plug now needs deleting so click 'edit' against the plug name
9) Check that the activation code is the same as the original plug you want to remove, is so 'Click Remove'
Everything is complete, if you login to you app the new replacement plug should be visible.
Any problems contact 3rings by phone or email
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