Is 3rings right for my Mum and Dad

3rings is a safety net for your ageing parents, the plug links to an automated messaging system that provides a safety net for you, your family and your friends.

It is ideal if your Mum/Dad are fit and well but are starting to lose a little confidence or you just want that peace of mind that everything is OK.

3rings is also ideal if you want to involve the rest of the family in the day to day awareness of how Mum and Dad are.

We are not an emergency service but more a early warning system.

If your elderly parents are suffering from regular falls or illness, such as Alzheimer's, then we would recommend more immediate care services such as 24 hour human based monitoring services, care in the home or residential care as relevant.

Otherwise if your loved ones are pre-care then 3rings should be right for you, try it, there is no commitment or limited timeframe.

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