3rings basic terms

This article gives you the basic terms that we use at 3rings which may help you understand how everything works.

The terms 3rings uses:

Loved Ones – this is your Mum/Dad/Gran/Grandad or ageing family that you want to know is OK.

Household – this is the home of your loved ones that you want 3rings to check are OK.

Event – this is the name of the event and times you want 3rings to check your loved ones are OK. Eg Mum’s morning cuppa between 6am to 10am.

Organiser – this will normally be you, the person who sets up the household and events and invites other Family and Friends to participate.

Family & Friends – the nominated people that you, as the organiser, invite to receive notifications and alerts about your loved ones. 

Event Info Notifications – these are the messages sent to you and nominated Family & Friends when activity is detected by 3rings at the scheduled times you defined in your events. This says ‘Mum is OK’.

Event Alerts Notifications – these are the messages sent to you when no activity by your loved ones is detected at the times defined by your events. This could mean that there may be a problem.

Responsibility – when all the Family & Friends receives an Alert, then one person must accept responsibility and the rest of the group are sent notifications. The responsible person needs to pro-actively check that the loved ones are OK. 

Resolved –as the responsible person when you know your loved ones are OK you can tell all the family group by ‘resolving’ the Alert.



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