What to do when you get an Alert!

In the situation where no activity is detected during the time windows that you set in your events then 3rings will create Event Alert messages.

These messages will be cascaded to all nominated Family & Friends based using any combination of Push Notifications (messages to apps on your phone/tablet), emails, SMS Text or phone call.

How 3rings sends you your Alerts is dependent upon your personal settings which can be seen in:

My Account -> Notifications on the website 
Account -> Notification setting on the app

When you receive an Alert then it is important that someone needs to check on your Loved Ones.

To avoid everyone panicking and everyone calling your loved ones here is the process that 3rings uses to keep everyone informed of the situation.

One Person can taken RESPONSIBILITY:
Either click Take Responsibility from the App or Email or go to you account on 3rings and go to 

My Households -> Recent activity.
By accepting responsibility this will send a message to all other Family and Friends that you are looking after the situation.

2) Check on your Loved ones.

When you know that your loved ones are OK then you need to resolve the alert. 
On the app click Resolve or on 3rings website go to 
My Households -> Recent activity and resolve.

You will be able to enter a message and all other Family & Friends will be notified that everything is OK.

NOTE: All Family and Friends will get a number of ALERTS until someone takes RESPONSIBILITY. Also the person who takes responsibility will get a number of reminders until they RESOLVE the Alert.

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