Family & Friends: What to do when you receive an Invite?

If someone invites you to be part of their ‘Family & Friends’ on 3rings, they’re inviting you to be able to receive and act on the messages 3rings sends each day, letting you know that your loved one is OK.
If you are happy to accept the invite you will need to do two things:
  1. Accept the invitation
  2. Register your own 3rings account
First, click the link inside the email (it begins with ‘’)  which will take you to our website. 
Here you can see who has invited you and the name of the household they’re inviting you to join. For example, ‘Mary has invited you to be part of their Family & Friends for Nanna’s House’.
You can now choose from the following three options:
1.  ‘Sign up now for a 3rings account’ – use this if you are new to 3rings
If you are happy to receive notifications your loved one is OK, and you are new to 3rings, this is the option for you. Registering is fast and free. All you need to do is choose a username and password, and tell us your email address and mobile number. 
2. ‘Log in now’ – use this if you already have a 3rings account.
If you have been invited but you have already registered as a ‘Family & Friend’ or an ‘organiser’ for another household this is the option for you. 
For example, you could be ‘organiser’ for Mum and Dad  but ‘Family & Friend’ for in-laws, and have all this information in one place in your portal and 3rings app. 

3. ‘
Decline invitation’ 
If you feel you are not in a position to accept the invite, you can click this option to decline it.  

You are now live and ready to receive notifications and alerts for the household  you joined by email, text message, app notification, or automated phone call. You can also check on your loved one any time by logging in on our website or mobile app.
What do I do next?
If you’re new to 3rings, we recommend you follow the following steps for the best experience.
Review and change the way we contact you
You can choose how we contact you and when we contact you by logging in to the 3rings website, then clicking the ‘Account’ tab, followed by ‘notifications’ 
Here you will see all the contact methods you’ve registered with 3rings, and which ones you’ve told us we can contact you on. 
There are two types of notifications:
  • Event Info – Messages that your loved one used the appliance connected to their 3rings Plug at the expected time. For example, ‘Mum used her kettle during the time window for “Morning Cuppa”.’
  • Event Alerts – Messages that tell you that your loved one did not use their appliance at the expected time.
You can manage when we message you either for Event Info and Event Alerts, and you can enable any combination of contact methods.  You can be notified by email, app notifications, text message (SMS), automated phone call, or combination of the above. You can choose what method, or combination of methods, is easiest for you. 
If you only want to receive urgent alert methods, simply ensure that everything under Event Info turned off.
You MUST be available via at least one method of contact to receive Event Alerts
It is possible to be invited to participate with more than one household.
Install 3rings on your smartphone or tablet
We find that the most efficient way of knowing about your loved ones is to use the 3rings app.
3rings is available for iOS and Android devices. To get the app, or to see detailed compatibility information, visit
Understand how to handle alerts – accepting responsibility and resolving alerts.
If no activity is detected during your event time windows then 3rings will create a Red Alert.  When this happens it is important for one of the Family & Friends group to accept responsibility, check that the loved one is OK, and then resolve the alert.
Check this FAQ for further information:
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