Suspending Events on the 3rings IoT Platform

Suspending Events
There will be times, such as holidays or hospital visits, where you will want to suspend the 3rings Events.

 This is straight forward and you can do the following:

  • Suspend a single Event now.
  • Suspend all Events now
  • Schedule a time to suspend Events in the future

Suspend a single Event now


Click on the settings cog of the Event you wish to suspend and click on the suspend button.


To reactivate the Event do the same again.


 Suspend all Events now

 Go to EVENTS, click on the ‘SUSPEND ALL EVENTS option and the two buttons will appear. Click SUSPEND ALL EVENTS NOW


To reactivate the Events do the same again.


Schedule a Time to Suspend all Events

 You can tell 3rings to suspend all Events between two dates.
Go to EVENTS , click on the ‘SUSPEND ALL EVENTS option and the two buttons will appear.


Click the Suspend all Events in the future button and a date range box will appear.


 Choose the from to date you wish to suspend the Events and click SAVE. Events will automatically stop from that start date and reactivate from the end date. Note: any previously suspended Events will all be activated at the end of the period.

Note: you cannot choose today so if you need to suspend from today then you need to suspend all events then schedule a suspension from tomorrow to the date you want to turn the events back on again. This will mean you don't need to remember to reactivate the events.

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